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"Electric Water" Complete Scores

IMG 0455

Download Lead Sheets from Jan Sturiale "Electric Water" Record. C Instruments and Bb Instruments.

As played on "Electric Water" Record feat. Bob Reynolds, Vardan Ovsepian, Damian Erskine, Chaun Horton and Tatiana Parra.

Bbay - Bbay Bb

In The Middle of Nowhere - In The Middle of Nowhere Bb

Mark's Evolution - Mark's Evolution Bb

Do Sohno Azul - Do Sohno Azul Bb

Draw The Line - Draw The Line Bb

Across - Across Bb

Electric Water - Electric Water Bb

Echo - Echo Bb

Dark Grey - Dark Grey Bb

The PDF's includes all tunes from the record "Electric Water" in full notation for C Instruments.

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All composition written and arranged by Jan Sturiale.