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Practice Routine


As I'm writing this big post I'm in Spain where I played a trio concert at great jazz club, the Jimmy Glass. I'm in Spain with my wife and my little daughter for all the month of July for our time OFF! I decided to write a post about practicing while I'm here.

I have posted for your summer 9 new videos along with 9 new Pick a Phrase of the Week along with PDF's.

I decide to give to members a program to follow for your summer. I had a lot of information to cover that I recently used with students and did not want to spread it out into the entire summer. So I worked hard and put together 9 new videos plus 9 new lines!

If you're looking to improve your skills on the instrument this new 9 lessons are for you. I will use this material for my own development as well during my first part of the summer.

I will look forward to hearing you as you practice the material in this video.

We'll come back early August with a brand new course as well as new video lessons.

If you're not a member you can take a look INSIDE VGE with this  new informative lesson on Triad Pairs along with PDF's for your practice! CLICK HERE

Also two years has passed from the recording of my latest record "Electric Water". I had the honor to work together with Bob Reynolds on tenor saxophone, Vardan Ovsepian on piano, Damian Erskine on bass, Chaun Dupre' Horton on drums and very special guest Tatiana Parra II on vocal, me on guitar and compositions.

For all the month of July 2015 you can download the album for FREE or at any price you wish on Bandcamp. The new record is almost ready and looking forward to release it soon early 2016!

Down here 9 new lessons are already up for members:

Practice Routine for Your Summer

Two Note Voicing - Part I
Two Note Voicing - Part II
7 Basic Chords - Part I
7 Basic Chords - Part II
Chords Visualization
3 Note Per Strings Using Legato and Unisons
2 Note Voicings Etude
Linking Altered Chords
Triad Pairs - Part I - Major Scale


Pick a Phrase of The Week - 62
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 63
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 64
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 65
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 66
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 67
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 68
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 69
Pick a Phrase of The Week - 70