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Live Work and Create


As I'm writing this big post I'm on the plane back home after 2  intense week in New York performing and recording my latest album.

It was a privilege working with pianist Marko Churnchectz, trumpet player Audun Waage and Joe Sanders and Ziv Ravitz as rhythm section. We recorded all my new music in 2 days at the Samurai Hotel Studios in Astoria, N.Y. a fantastic new studio owned by David Stoller. If you're a musician and live that area you should defenitely check it out. I learned so much just staying with these musicians for a couple of days.

For me music it's all about enviroment and creating relationship with other musicians...it's a huge aspect that's why I try to stay as active as possibile and challenge my self as much as I can.

The record should be out soon early 2016
If you're a musician/producer you probably know how hard it is to put out a record in terms of financial aspects so I will do my best to release it as soon next year.

Beside that I played in some very nice venue and I met some fantastic musicians along the way such as Sam Minaie, Christian  Coleman, Colin Stranahan and Marco Panascia. New York is crazy you can see 3 concert in a row on monday night...and probably still find something to do later.

On the very end I got a call from the owner of ESC Records to put my 2014 record "Electric Water" out as an official ESC record. You would probably thinking about why I'm so happy with this. We're all published music by ourselveves now days, it's easy and do not cost any money  but on the other hand having a record label will help your business growing in terms of putting gigs/tour together, let people know more about your works etc...

Said that live, work and create!