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Music Only Makes Me Stronger


"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger". So if you plan to hurt me make sure you kill me or I'll coming back for you in  a such positive way.

These days I found myself struggling with a person that really puts me down with a sort of negative thoughts on me. Sometimes it happens and we need to be prepare on it.

You can only find happiness when you let it go and make room for something better. You don’t need another person’s permission to let go and feel better. I think that if we  start to express our pain by writing down a letter it's a big help. 

This will help us understand why we’re hurting and what we’ll do in the future to avoid similar pain so we can feel empowered instead of victimized.

Stay in the present and stop telling the story because we can’t find happiness by holding onto a painful story, trying to place into new one.

So now I focus on things that bring me joy in the moment and I want to share this joy with you. I'm finishing my new tunes to be recorded in New York next April with a fantastic group of musicians, click HERE for details and...my daughter Corinne is growing and she's so cute day after day.

Everyone deserves to feel happy. Everyone deserves a little peace.