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It's so good to see how many things you can learn just in re-writing on paper a tune like Donna Lee by Charlie Parker.

These days I found myself practicing legato on guitar (I mean legato technique that is common for strings players) to achieve a more accurate swing feel. I decided to work on a great be-bop tune trying to find a way to finger it on the guitar.

As you know guitarists tend to have a hard time in sight-reading a tune like this so I believe that it could be a nice idea to take some time to slow down each section and really get it under the microscope. First step of this process has been taking the transcription from the Omnibook used by so many and practice each measure really slowly looking for nice fingerings.

Of course this are just suggested fingerings so it probably won't work for every person. Guitar technique is so personal that you might ask yourself "...why is he using this rather than this..." like I said this worked out for me so take your time to understand if it's good for you or not.

Just the first step of this "Donna Lee" breaking down took me like more than 2 hours and it's so rewarding to see how much you can learn by doing it. Second step has been putting all this into Sibelius software and put all the fingerings, notation, line etc..

The very last part will be playing it, looking at the music and trying to see if it works....

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Then it's time to pass the material on to serious students!

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