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Managing Your Study Time

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Developing time management skills is a long life process and talking about myself, in this fantastic moment of my life where my daughter Corinne has just born I’ve found my self, believe it or not, in a perfect time to practice and schedule my works.

Students asked me all the time what to choose when they start to practice material, repertoire for concerts, scales, arpeggios, theory, harmony etc… What is most important?

As I said before when I have time I create a “To Do” list, a program that help me in finding my priorities. Sometimes it may seem that there isn't enough time to do everything that you need to and this can lead to a build up of stress.

So I think that keeping a to-do list is crucial! I found that if I try to remember everything in my head I feel like overwhelmed by so many thing, the result: a complete disaster!

Write down the things I need to do really helps me order my thought. 

I think that creating a daily list of tasks that need to be done is essential. I beleive that a "To Do" list can really help you to show the bigger picture of what you really need to practice in the moment and it really helps you decide on priorities.

Nowdays organising my time in a family setting with lot of things to do is crucial. I've found that if you try to identify areas of your life where you are wasting time you will increasingly reduce them.

Also when things are not working out, you need to continue and learn how to take a positive attitude towards frustration and failure, time is never enough so we need to be aware that is not possible to do everything we want to do in one day, week or month...but we can keep learning trhough out all our life, becoming a lifelong learners.

Back to manage your study time I think that the main focus is: prioritize.

  • What has to be done first?
  • What is worth more in terms of your level?
  • What is worth more in terms of your personal or career goals?

It's hard sometimes to find a way but if you try to write down what you really need to do NOW you'll definitely find your way.

Do you write your "To Do" list?