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The Making Of "Electric Water"

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As I'm working on final things before to go into the studio again to mix and master my new record as a leader I'm listening to the tracks we recorded.

We finished to record at Tritone Studios in Los Angeles this past July and right now I have a big smile on my face and I'm very impressed on how the new compositions turned out with this such great company of musicians.

I'm talking about Bob Reynolds on tenor sax, Vardan Ovsepian on piano, Damian Erskine on bass, Chaun Horton on drums and a very special vocal guest from Brasil Tatiana Parra.

We recorded in Los Angeles with the big help of Talley Sherwood as Sound Engineer. 

Just because I can't wait to let you hear it something I put together a promo video "The Making Of Jan Sturiale's Electric Water" where you can see how fun was the sessions and hear a little preview of the tunes that I've done with rough mixes, no editing, just like it is. 

From now on the next step will be taking care of guitars. I'm working in my home studio along with Po Tools 11 with the help of Borut Celik who mastered my past record. He borrowed me great mics.

I will be in New York next April 2014 to mix at the Bunker Studios with Aaron Nevezie and John Davis. Concerning how to put this work out I'm not quite sure If I'm going to search for a label or not.

It took me one year preparing new music and planning out all this and I'm sure it was worth the effort.

In the meantime enjoy this short promo and help me in share this new project.