Jan Sturiale Music

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Acess PDF files of transcriptions and free lessons. Click title to go to page.

Two Note Voicings to get into Drop-2 and Drop-3 and inversions.

> DOWNLOAD "Two Note Vocings - Drop-2"

> DOWNLOAD "Two Note Vocings - Drop-3"

> DOWNLOAD "Harmonization Drop 2 with Inversion"

> DOWNLOAD "Autumn Leaves Guide Notes Etudes"

A study  to get into spread triads

> DOWNLOAD "Spread Triads Etude I" 

A more advanced spread triad study based on a popular tune

> DOWNLOAD "Spread Triads Etude II" 


> DOWNLOAD "3 Note per String  Legato Unisons on Melodic Minor Scale" 


> DOWNLOAD "Chelsea Bridge Solo Etude" 

> DOWNLOAD "Body and Soul Chord Etude" 

> DOWNLOAD "Guide Notes Chords for Body and Soul" 

Some Basic chord  arrangement I wrote on "Soul Eyes"

> DOWNLOAD "Soul Eyes Chord Etude" 

Some basic chords for guitarists

> DOWNLOAD "Basic Chord Voicings" 

> DOWNLOAD "Altered Chords and Scale Fingerings" 

"Repeating Pattern" scales, an easy way to look at scales

> DOWNLOAD "Major Scale Fingerings" 
> DOWNLOAD "Melodic Minor Scale Fingerings"
> DOWNLOAD "Harmonic Minor Scale Fingerings" 

Modal Vamps to practice modes

> DOWNLOAD "Modal Vamps" 


> DOWNLOAD Peter Bernstein Solo on "Bill's Bounce"

> DOWNLOAD "Donna Lee Fingerings"


> DOWNLOAD "4 Linear Bird Blues Etude

> DOWNLOAD "Stella Chords Study #1"

> DOWNLOAD "3-Note Voicing Green Dolphin Etude"

> DOWNLOAD "Autumn Drop-2 Etude"

> DOWNLOAD "Soul Etude" based on Body and Soul  

> DOWNLOAD "Rhythm Changes Chord Study" Across the Fretboard

> DOWNLOAD "Dorian Chordal Etude"