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summer tour july 2018 

Order latest record "Roadmaps" HERE on Bandcamp! It features Jure Pukl, Marko Churchetz, Miha Koren and Klemens Marktl

Upcoming Events JULY 2018 

Jan  Sturiale TRIO w/Alessandro Turchet and Luca Colussi @Bale Valle Festival, HR - July 4th 2018

Jan Sturiale Roadmaps feat. Jure Pukl, Marko Churnchetz, Miha Koren and Klemens Marktl

Jan  Sturiale "Roadmaps" @ CINCIN, Ljubljana, SLO - July 23rd 2018

Jan  Sturiale "Roadmaps" @ REPETE, Ljubljana, SLO - July 26th 2018

Jan  Sturiale "Roadmaps" @ MOZZAJIK , Velenje, SLO - July 27th 2018 

Jan  Sturiale "Roadmaps" @ BLUE NOTTE FESTIVAL, Gorizia,  IT - July 28th 2018

Jan  Sturiale "Roadmaps" @ PORGY AND BESS, Wien, A - July 29th 2018

Jan Sturiale "Roadmaps" @ RONNIE SCOTT, London, UK - July 30th 2018

SEE the PROMO VIDEO for Roadmaps record.

NEW YORK GIGS - SEPTEMBER  2018 with Marco Panascia and Colin Stranahan

Jan  Sturiale TRIO w/Marco Panascia @ Bar Next Door, New York - September 8th 2018

Jan  Sturiale TRIO w/Marco Panascia @ Bonafide Club, New York - September 9th 2018

Jan  Sturiale TRIO w/Marco Panascia @ Silvana, New York - September 10th 2018

Jan  Sturiale TRIO w/Marco Panascia @ Shape Shifter Lab, New York - September 11th 2018

more come soon...


Born in Italy, Jan’s early attraction to guitar started at a very early age. He was exposed and influenced by a variety of music genres. He's not easily categorized, since his playing is a creative blend of styles. Jan has performed, toured and recorded with some of the most respected names in the industry including Hiram Bullock • Bob Reynolds • Jure Pukl • Dean Brown • Vardan Ovsepian • Damian Erskine • Stef Burns • J Kyle Gregory • Chaun Duprè Horton • Tatiana Parra • Ziv Ravitz • Marco Panascia • Janek Gwizdala • Joe Sanders • Audun Waage • Colin Stranahan • Marko Churnchetz • Sam Minaie • Lawrence Leathers and many others.

"Jan Sturiale is part of the unconventional group of jazz musicians that mix the tradition of creative jazz language with the spirit of rock music and a classical background. His ability to translate his varied musical influences into a coherent jazz language gives his compositions a distinctive character " - Jazz In Europe 

"Jan is a complex individual, a piercing intellect coupled with a depth of feeling. These characteristics are manifested equally in his music. His warmth and profound emotion permeate his music, which is filled with personality and diversity of mood." - Vardan Ovsepian, Pianist

"Jan is an excellent musician. He actively performs, writes and teaches music at a high level. He displays excellent technique on the guitar. He is also a prolific composer .
On a personal level, Jan is a warm and sincere individual. I consider him to be the ideal peer to musicians in the professional world. He is easy to work with and highly professional." - Tim Miller, Guitarist 


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